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Building a business is tough,

but hiring shouldn't be!!

FYNDO is an AI-driven recruitment platform that automates the most manual task of the hiring process. 

Let us show you how you can save 1hr/day during the hiring process by using Fyndo. 

Recruiters spend hours on tasks that could be automated. So we did it. 

AI driven hiring platform which reduces manual tasks like writing job descriptions, resume screening, job distribution, interview scheduling. 

With Fyndo, employers can reduce time to hire by 3X. 

We understand your hiring needs.

You can focus on growing your business while Fyndo handles your hiring needs.


Easy setup

Start hiring in a matter of minutes

Small hiring teams need ease of use. With Fyndo, you can start interviewing candidates within a few days. 

With our hiring process automation, employers can create a seamless experience to reduce time and hassle.

Smart Screening

Don't waste time looking through 100's of applicants; let our AI do that job. 

Smart Screening showcases the most suitable candidates based on the job description, requirements etc. 

With Smart Screening, employers can focus on getting a first look at the top candidates before it's too late. 


Job Posting & Distribution. Use free and paid job distribution. Access to 100+ global job boards.


Candidate management & Screening using AI matching.  

Integration with Zoom for a virtual interview.

speech-bubble (1).png

In-app communication with the candidates using email or text. 


Send preliminary job offers through the Fyndo.  

From Job posting to Hire

We developed AI-driven hiring process automation. Employers just post jobs and Fyndo does the rest. From posting to interview without human interaction. 



No more expensive monthly subscription. Pay only when you hire someone. 

As little as $99 / Hire. 

Still not sure? Request a demo and get your first hire on us**

*Full access to the platform for a small fee of $10 / Month after 2 months Free Trial

**Offer available once per company.  

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