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We help SMBs Hire Faster 

Our Mission

Nearly 85% of small and medium-sized businesses need help attracting and hiring top talent. At Fyndo, our mission is to help SMB's scale their hiring stack without breaking the bank. 

Employers constantly face situations where they pay for clicks or applications for candidates who are unresponsive or ghost them after the application. With our pay-per-hire model, we want to bring the cost-effectiveness that SMBs need while giving them the state of the art technology to find their next hire. 

Our Story

We love HR and talent acquisition tech. Over the years, our team has built various products to help hiring teams and recruiters find the best talent. 

We discovered that the most effective way to help employers is to provide a centralized platform to cater for end to end hiring needs. Disconnected platforms and solutions leads to loss of information, higher cost and candidate churn. 

Fyndo allows employers to reach more candidates efficiently and effectively without breaking their bank. 


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