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Hiring Process Optimization

The hiring process contains multiple steps causing candidate churn and increasing the time to hire. 

At Fyndo, we have developed AI to automate the process from getting a candidate to scheduling interviews with top candidates without human interactions. Our AI process reduces candidate churn, the time to interview, and unintentional bias. 



One-click job distribution to the major job site. Reach millions of active and passive job seekers in no time. Chrome extension to find passive job seekers. 

Automated Candidate recommendations from the previous candidate in the talent pool. 


AI Screening

Our proprietary AI tech screens job description data points and matches them against the candidate information. Showcases the best candidates and reduces time spent reviewing applications by 4X. Our smart AI detects fraud and spam applications and removes them from the pool. 


Conversational AI

Reaching top talent on time is the key. This is why we built intelligent talent communication. 

With Fyndo, employers can automate outreach to top candidates and schedule interviews without human intervention. 


Preliminary Offer

 Get the offer out to candidates before it's too late. With our preliminary offer tool, employers can get ahead of the competition and keep the process moving at a fast pace. 


With our automated process, an average recruiter saves 1hr per day. 


Fyndo reduces candidate churn by 31% using conversation AI and automated interview settings. 


Our Pay-Per-Hire model takes the risk out of the equation for employers. 

Still not sure? Request a demo and get your first hire on us**

*Full access to the platform for a small fee of $10 / Month after 2 months Free Trial

**Offer available once per company.  

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