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What is the hiring process automation?

Let's begin with learning what is hiring process automation? It contains automation of manual tasks like job posting, distribution, candidate screening etc. With automation, employers can speed up the time to hire and increase efficiency. Understanding how each element of the process impacts the time and cost of hire is essential.

Job Posting: It all starts with the job posting. Small business struggles with writing engaging job posting and description. With Fyndo automation, employers can generate high-quality job descriptions using AI. With input information, AI can generate an SEO-optimized job description which captures more candidates.

Job Distribution: Creating a good job posting is just a start, but getting it to the right places is the key to attracting suitable candidates. With Fyndo platform, employers can send jobs to 100s of high-quality free job boards and search engines in one click.

Candidate Screening & Communication: Employers spend the most time here. Recruiters go through 100's resumes trying to identify top candidates to interview. At Fyndo, we have built AI to screen candidates. With our advanced matching tech, we score the best candidate and showcase them to employers. Our automation doesn't stop just at matching. Employers can also automate the interview outreach for top candidates. This not only saves time but also reduces candidate churn by 3x.

Interview: Reducing the time to get to the first interview increases the response rate from top candidates. With Fyndo automation and conversational AI, employers can communicate with candidates and schedule interviews without multiple back-and-forth emails.

Job Offers: Getting an offer to the right candidate as soon as possible is essential. The longer it takes to send the job offer, the more likely the candidate's interest would be lost. With Fyndo inbuilt preliminary job offer, employers can share the critical offer information like salary, benefits etc., before getting into the paperwork etc., which delays the process.

The hiring process is made of multiple manual tasks, which are time-consuming and can be stressful. But with the Fyndo AI-driven hiring platform, SMBs can automate all those tasks and go from job posting to interview in a matter of clicks.

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